Visit Date: January 21, 2007
Course: Coyote Creek Disc Golf Course
Holes: 9 holes with alternate basket locations
My Course Rating: 6/10
Where’s it at? Hellyer Park. San Jose, CA

Coyote Creek disc golf course is located in Hellyer Park in San Jose, CA. It’s only 9 holes although you can also play Parque de la Raza which is very very nearby. (haven’t quite figured out how to get from one to the other without driving yet).

It’s a decent course. It’s a little short at just 9 holes and all located in a fairly tight area…if you’re traveling here you would definitely want to try to hit the other course also, to fill out your trip. There are some nice holes for sure, and definitely liked all the different basket positions.

One noteworthy thing about this course is the nice “bag holding poles”, for lack of better term, which are pictured below. I find myself wishing that all disc golf courses had a nice means of holding your bag.

Photos from Hellyer (click to enlarge)

Hellyer Disc Golf Hellyer Disc Golf Hellyer Disc Golf
Hellyer Disc Golf Hellyer Disc Golf Hellyer Disc Golf

Directions to Hellyer Park

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